An independent research project about TV consumption in Italy


An independent reasearch project to study how TV shows are watched in Italy. 1400 participants took part in an online survey, answering questions about their TV habits. However, the project has no statistical value. The goal is to shed light on a niche phenomenon.


91% of the participants own a television set, but only 17% of them use it to watch TV shows

Consumption: download, TV, DVDs

How do you follow your TV shows?

Why downloading?

Where do you watch your TV shows?

Dubbing or not?

Serie TV - audio originale vs. doppiaggio

When choosing a cable TV subscription, TV shows were an important factor in the decision in 30% of the cases

Cable TV

Among cable TV subscribers, how many use it to watch TV shows?

Would you choose one the Italian cable TV channels?

54% of the participants know about Netflix, Hulu, iTunes; among them, 45% are interested in the same services for the Italian market

Brand awareness

Do you know Netflix, Hulu and similar services?

Would you subscribe to Netflix or a similar service?

Most popular American cable TV channels

1. HBO

2. Showtime

3. FX

4. AMC

5. Starz

Would you subscribe to HBO, if available in Italy?

Most popular HBO TV shows

Le serie TV HBO piĆ¹ conosciute


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